Bingo Bash – Popular Game in United States


Bingo Bash is a game of Bingo really fun where you can also enjoy the wheel of fortune. In this way, you’ll see that luck will surely be more than you. In Bingo Bash, we will find a Bingo game that is best designed and very simple to understand. We play with different cartons at a time and leave the lucky numbers spin the wheel of fortune, this way, you can be more certain of chance.

The objective of the game is to match numbers with the map completing the map totally. Once the correct numbers are displayed, the player wins the Jackpot. It is worth to note that for each drawn ball there are several coins assigned.

Bingo Bash offers good graphics and many rooms in which to play and meet other people who like this game. The graphics have been well worked and is a game that has a lot of color, so that it is almost impossible that we get tired of it.
Bingo Bash is a fun game where you can play this game of chance with dozens of players without leaving home. Without any difference from a real game, this application will allow you to enjoy during hours of your favorite pastime.  Without a doubt, Bingo Bash Bingo is one of those games you should have in your mobile phone if you always liked this game and want to enjoy it at all times. Just remember not to play to many hours as the time will move and you won’t see how fast it goes.

As in any place where play bingo, the first thing in this application you have to do is buy as many tickets as you like and sit and wait to finish the game in progress. When the game ends you will enter to a new one. Once the numbers start coming in at the top of the screen you have to make sure to mark on your cardboard, which will not receive any help and bingo will sing first prize. The advantage of Bingo Bash is that the game will not end with the first to get it, but you’ll have five times more before you being removed from your position.
If for any reason you are not lucky and have not completed the board in the top six, you lose everything played and you have to keep buying options. There are several bingo halls to play with in a different way to the traditional way, if you want to innovate and enjoy other modalities with other players.

Apart from being able to customize the profile, the player has the freedom to get tokens and tickets by purchasing them directly with real money. There is a possibility to create a strong team to win a maximum of rewards through the invitation of other players. Play Bingo Bash is easy and fun. You will be playing a lot of time as this game is really addictive. Do you like to have some fun? Just try Bingo Bash and you won’t regret it.

Boom Beach – another popular game by Supercell


A brain-engaging game-playing experience – Boom Beach

Today I will tell you about the first game – Boom Beach. Boom beach is a power packed strategic game where without a good strategy, you are bound to lose. This game makes you think a lot like chess or billiards. Playing Boom beach is like managing a small country. In this app, you have to build your attacking and self-protecting forces and fight the battle with your enemies in order to earn more and more resources and to unlock the secrets of the tropical paradise. Boom beach gives you a simple tutorial which helps you upgrade your base and take the lead to attack other players along with computerized ones across your map.

This game will get you to experience an engrossing battle with great strategic choices among the players from everywhere. Boom beach has a high level of polish and has an approachable design. You can play against friends and enemies from around the globe. This is one of the smartest mobile game to play in recent times. In this, once you have enough points, you can fire off a missile from the ship which is a mind boggling experience for all the keen players. You are sure to love it wherein you need to keep battling against your enemies if you want to survive. Boom beach is a solid accumulation of pre-battle strategies, on-time attack simulation and smart supporters, play it yourself to experience the thrill.

What popular Boom Beach reviews across the internet have to say about the game?

Boom beach is a freemium that certainly requires some strategic thinking. It is a successor of clash of kings, playing which gives you a thrilling battlefield experience. Boom beach can be played for free if you do not want to spend in games. Though there are paying shortcuts which can make you win faster. It has amazing graphics and many personalization options which can be used to play online with your friends. If you have spare time, this game is the perfect option for you. This game can be extended for over a full day.

Boom beach is very addictive. This game that is available as an Android, iOS game and also on the Facebook platform. A recent Boom Beach review is that it is way too purchase driven, and the upgrades take way too long since you can upgrade only one thing at a time. To get success in this game, many players spend way too much through which they get faster upgrades than the ones who are playing it for free. Apart from a few setbacks, it becomes an addiction in no time and also makes you feel good about yourself after you play and win over other territories. So download it, play online and challenge players from all around the world!